We live today in the most amazing and unique of all times ever - a time of awakening to who we really are ... It is also the most challenging time as our bodies adapt simultaneously to the new energies and electromagnetic fields of our Planet Earth that is changing.

We have the opportunity to clean up what no longer works in our lives, whether it is relationships, jobs, health, money or anything else. Resistance to inevitable change creates only suffering. We have a choice to go with life's flow, and thus open up to possibilities that the mind is unable to either see or understand. The new energies are supporting those who wish to live from the heart, be one with life, one with themselves and with All that Is.

The secret of all happiness and success in life can be expressed in three words: one with life. Being one with life is being one with the NOW. Then you know that it is not you who live life but life is lived through you. Life is a dancer and you are a dance.
- Eckhart Tolle, New Earth

Getting there is very individual and different for each person.
I am passionate about being a life tool and through cosmic love I invite you, who feel attracted to the energy that I am, to co-create with me in joy, love, ease and fun.

I am university graduate in computer science as system analyst but since 1999 I have chosen to become an Energy Being as I am and always have been a natural powerful healer. I provide Reconnective and Esotheric Healing, Oneness Deeksha and Access Bars. I design Crystal Jewelry based on who you are, that supports you by constantly raising your energy. My paintings, pictures and design radiate energies that may help you. As university graduate, I can answer most ego issues and guide you to who you really are…

Looking forward to meet you just where you are...
A warm welcome - Mangala

You may see this site in English at www.onewithlife.se
and in Swedish at www.ettmedlivet.org

© Copyright 2010-2015, Foto: Mangala, Made by Inspiro

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